Monarch Builders & Commercial Services pride themselves in providing state of the art services when it comes to designing your home, remodeling your kitchen and bathroom or finishing up the bsaement space into a fully furnished living area. With our agents specializing in design and remodel, we are here to help you create your vision into reality.



Monarch Builders & Commercial Services is here to see through your dream house turn into a reality. Your kitchen is the safe space in your home where the family and even guests come together for a bonded experience. From the very first step of designing your kitchen in a way to make it beautiful and functional, our dedicated team will take you through the whole process keeping your insights our prime focus. We ensure that the process of design creation, materials and resources selection, budget determination and timeline for the remodeling is a smooth stress free process for you. We provide an extended selection of counter tops, fixtures, flooring and finishings for various tastes and choices.



Bathrooms are those key features in your home that require careful consideration and planning for design and remodeling purposes. A smartly crafted bathroom can be the pivotal selling point of your home all the while comsiderably increasing your reselling price. Be it the intricately placed fixtures, tubs, counter tops, shower cabinets, tiles or other accessories, Monarch Builders & Commercial Services provides you with a wide variety of options and color schemes. We ensure that the materials used are of the highest quality complemented by skilled craftsmanship provided by our trained professsionals.

lower level

One of the best ways to increase your living space without having to move and buy a large property is to smartly use your lower level. With the load bearing walls, structural elements and the foundation already in place, this home renovation project can be easy on the eyes and the budget. Monarch Builders & Commercial Services excels in creating a functional space specially catered to your needs with supreme finnesse and attention to detail. Whether it is a home office, personal gym, gaming area, guest level or absolutely anything, we excel in creating spaces of various sizes. The lack of natural light is taken care of through excellent lighting options offered by Monarch for the complete experience. 


theater room

What is better than your very own theater room where you can enjoy the luxury of a dedicated home theater system? Monarch is here to give you just the cinematic experience you want with your family and friends without the hassle of going out for the movies anymore. We provide you the ultimate package of home theater through your choice of carpets, paint, lighting, recliner seats and all other accessories you could think of. Not only will you be abel to enjoy the experience but your home space is effeiciently utilized without creating any hassle.