One of the most effective ways to increase the resale price of your home is to incorporate home additions that recreate the empty space into a fully functioning area. Monarch Builders & Commercial Services take pride in the additions services offered which do not compromise on either quality or quantity.



Monarch Builders & Commercial Services have undertaken several kitchen expansion projects with successful completion. Kitchen additions not only make your house more open, fuctional and beautiful but is the key element for greater return on investment at the time of selling the house. Our trained professional possess the skill set for expanding your kitchen through additions of contrasting cabinets, granite tops, wooden flooring,  corner windows, center islands, tile fitting and glass work.


Room Additions

The addition of rooms in your home is not only a financially feasible option as opposed to moving but also a significant addition to your resale value. Be it a family room, dining room, bedroom, bath, sun room, home office or a loft, Monarch Builders & Commercial Services recreates your home without any complications and within the selected timeframe. Our crew is skilled in creating the new space for your benefit without any interference in your current area of living. Our project managers ensure that the job is not done till you are completely satisfied 



Porches are the place of zen for most home owners where you can sit down, relax and enjoy the seclusion away from the house. It is therefore one of the areas where you can let your imagination take the reigns along with the Moanrch team. Whether you require a more open space with abundance of natural light or a covered corner with impressive window treatments, our trained professionals will work with you along the lines of your vision to create your dream space.