Hit by HAIL? How to choose a local contractor!

When it comes to weather in Minnesota, you know you are in for a wild ride. From long harsh winters to the coming of spring, you never know what is to happen due to dramatic shifts in air pressure and temperature. Before you know it, a thunderous storm is upon you bringing bouts of treacherous hail.

There is only so much you can do to avoid hail damage. You can stay inside and park your cars in the garage, but when it pours down there is no way to prevent hail damage to your property. It is therefore of extreme importance to save yourself from being conned by dishonest contractors who go door to door immediately to make quick money off of vulnerable people suffering from property damage. By making empty promises of repair services, these storm chasers, who are mostly from out of town, smooth talk consumers into making deals on the spot and getting payments upfront. Consumers need to be wary of such individuals and follow these tips when looking to repair hail damage. It is therefore highly advised to go with legitimate local contractors to ensure immediate response in case of any emergency.


Selection Tips:

  • Always make sure to check BBB at bbb.org to see what customers experience near your area and request further information for local contractors.
  • It is of highest importance to get more than one estimate and to review each of them carefully.
  • Never sign a contract right away at your doorstep no matter how pressurized you feel by the contractor selling you his services.
  • If you do come across storm chasers and fake contractors, please report them to the authorities.


Post-Selection Tips

  • Once you have selected a contractor, make sure you get everything in writing including cost, time schedule, the work to be done, payment method, payment schedule and other details.
  • Do not sign any contract with blank spaces on it.
  • Do not pay the contractor in full or sign a completion certificate until the work is fully completed.
  • Unless there are special materials being ordered, do not give down payment.
  • Always ask if the company will be using their own workers or hiring third party subcontractors.
  • Before work commences, make sure you have the details of the person working on the project and the details of the person responsible incase something goes wrong.
  • Always verify the applicable licensing and permits with your city and county.