What To Do With A Leaking Roof Until Help Arrives?

It is a very common occurrence to get a leaky roof once the storm hits. When the rain, wind, hail and thunder all come rushing down, the homeowners are waiting for the worst to happen and hoping for the best. If you get lucky there might be just some insignificant damage but incase you are not, prepare to get wet because the leaky roof is coming. What if this happens on a weekend? Or possibly on a holiday? Or what if the damage in the area is so bad that you can’t get a roofer to come immediately? If this happens, you need to be mentally and physically prepared to taken some quick steps in order to minimize the damage inside and outside of the house. 

Minimize internal damage:

In order to stop the water pouring through the leaky roof from ruining the interior of the house, you need to firstly get to the root of the problem. Determine the area in the ceiling where the water is dripping down from. Once you have done that, pinpoint the exact position where the water is making a bulge. The reason to do that is because in most cases the water slowly creeps into the ceiling looking for outlets that can create water flow. Over several hours the water keeps accumulating in that area before it starts leaking thus making the bulge in the ceiling. Poke that area so water can drip down in a bucket instead of seeping throughout your ceiling and creating further damage.

Determine the entry point:

Once you have collected the leaking water so it does not further damage the ceiling, it is time to get to work and figure out where the point of entry is. Start by looking through the attic from the inside of the housebecause looking for the point of leakage while it is raining outside can be extremely difficult. One thing to keep in mind is that the leakage in the ceiling may not align with the leakage in the roof. If the roof is covered by a layer of plywood then it is quite possible that the water will travel to the nearest joint in the plywood and then create trip down.

Temporary fix until roofer comes:

Once the point of entry has been determined there are a few options from which you can implement any to stop the water leaking inside the house. One way to temporarily fix the issue is to apply roofing cement or roofing take. Easily available at any home improvement store, it is highly advised to keep these items at hand for the actual rainy days. Another efficient way to stop the leakage is to use a tarp. If you know your way around a hammer and nails, tarp is the easiest option to go for. When applying the tarp on the ceiling cover the affected area adequately and leave 4 feet of tarp on each side and secure the tarp by 2x4 boards. Use nails to the secure the boards making sure the nails are not long enough to go through the roof. 

Once you are done securing the damaged area on your part, sit back, marvel at your handy work and wait for the roofer to arrive and get the damage fixed for good.