Home Maintenance Tips You Need For Spring!

All of us truly appreciate the sight of new buds and leaves after the cold harsh winter is gone. The breath of fresh air very unlike the bitter sharp one that cuts you on the inside during the freezing winter, spring comes with just one bit of downside. The damage that winter does to your beloved home! The bright and inviting sunlight ends up highlighting the cracked sidewalks, the broken shingles and the dead shrubs which you failed to notice due to the thick layer of snow hiding it. In order to thoroughly enjoy spring without a hiccup, you need a checklist of home maintenance to get your chores for the season out of the way and from letting the rain create further damage to your property. 


1. Check The Roof Shingles

The first thing to do is check out the shingles on your roof. If your property has an older roof covering, it is a good idea to get inspection from a building contractor to get a thorough idea of the damage your roof has sustained. If left unattended, the summer can damage the roof shingles which are already either loose, cracked or not in their position. 

2. Take A Look At The Gutters

After you are done with the winters, take a good look at the gutters. If there is drainage coming from the leaky gutters, it can seep into the basement and create further damage. Also check for if they are intact and not loose along with being clear of debris.

3. Use Compacted Soil

One spring comes, so does the rain. Make sure that the low areas of the yard and the area next to foundation is filled with compacted soil. This insures that flooding caused by the rain does not lead to foundation flooding causing excessive damage. The water needs to be blocked from reaching the low areas as it causes insect breeding.

4. Pick Up That Chimney Sweep

Over the winters, the exterior of the chimney can be damaged by the snow and the hail. Make sure you get the chimney inspected along with having the flue cleaned up.

5. Check Concrete For Cracks

Make sure the concrete in your home is not cracked or moving. If there is visible damage, fill the cracks with concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. Once you do that, power wash the area and seal the concrete. If left unresolved, these cracks can increase causing irreparable damage.

6. Inspect Outside Faucets For Pipe Damage

It is highly advised to check outside faucets for freeze damage and the garden hose for dry rot. Open the faucet and place your thumb over the opening. If you are able to the stop the flowing water chances are there is pipe damage inside the home that needs to be fixed immediately.

7. Get The AC Unit Serviced

It is very essential to get the outside unit of the air conditioning system serviced and cleaned. This ensures that it operates efficiently and at peak performance without any hazard causing problems in the long run. The interior filters needs to be changed on a regular basis as well.

Taking care of these essential items will make sure you have a fun and stress free spring ahead of you.