Monarch Teams Up With Habitat for Humanity To Pay It Forward!

Habitat for Humanity is one of the most active organizations striving and working endlessly to provide housing and shelter for people in need. Their aim is to eliminate poverty through allowing families to own affordable homes in decent neighborhoods with access to transportation, school and employment. The Twin Cities Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is an upstanding section of the organization working tirelessly to achieve their mission and vision.

Since the beginning, Monarch Builders & Commercial Services has been a staunch believer of paying it forward. One of Monarch’s core values is the faith and determination towards the Monarch Way. Monarch way is the belief that to achieve true success, it is essential to build up others and help the community move forward as a whole. In order to do so, Monarch plays an active role in being a part of such practices which serves the community and contributes towards the betterment of society. As a new chapter of Monarch’s giving back program, we have collaborated with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity for the new and repair build program of the organization.

The volunteer group at Monarch Builders & Commercial Services aims to provide their top notch services for a new build in Blaine for affordable housing and shelter. With the harsh weather the Twin Cities face during the winters, it is essential that anyone and everyone has access to a safe home with a sturdy and strong roof over their heads. With the overwhelming number of volunteers, the Monarch team aims to put their construction expertise to good use and collaborate with Habitat for Humanity in executing their vision. It is important for Monarch to set a precedent for small business owners to make a difference in any capacity possible. Not only is it a priceless opportunity for the company to expand its giving back program but is an important stepping stone for every volunteer involved to contribute towards something bigger than themselves as a team. Monarch aims to continue this collaboration and assist Habitat for Humanity in making their impossible, possible.